ALDI construction remains on schedule

By Michael Campbell, News Editor
3:44 p.m. | August 17, 2017

DINWIDDIE – For those traveling along U.S. Route 1 near its intersection with U.S. Route 460, it’s hard to miss the bustling activity and steel rising into the sky over the trees as ADLI’s new regional headquarters takes shape in the distance.

Following an early-spring groundbreaking attended by Governor Terry McAuliffe and a number of local and state dignitaries, the multi-million dollar project has been quietly progressing well thanks to relatively calm and dry weather periods in the region.

In an interview, Dinwiddie’s Deputy County Administrator for Planning and Community Development Tammie Collins said the project remains on schedule and exactly where they planned to be as we move through the second half of 2017.

“County staff believes everything is going well and our inspectors are going to the site and seeing things move really smoothly,” she said of the facility that is being constructed by AM King out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The facility, when completed, will be a 562,000-square foot building, roughly half the size of Amazon’s nearby fulfillment center, and serve as the new employment home to nearly 150 jobs as German grocer ALDI plans to use the facility as a new distribution center and regional headquarters when it opens in 2018 as the company continues their aggressive expansion plans in Virginia and across the country.

Throughout the process, from the initial plans to breaking ground and pouring concrete, Collins said it’s important for the county to work closely with the developer and other parties, such as ALDI, to make this project successful. 

“We are always ready to help and support projects like this one here in Dinwiddie,” Collins remarked. “The construction management team there knows they can call on us as needed.”

With Amazon, ALDI, and even Walmart decades earlier, Dinwiddie’s infrastructural assets related to transportation continue to pay dividends in terms of the county’s industrial growth as companies eye the county for future logistical opportunities.

“We are blessed to have that infrastructure and that we can show them that we can handle and efficiently manage what they do,” Collins continued as she listed off key assets, like interstates 85 and 95, along with U.S. Route 1 and 460, paired with dual rail options through CSX and Norfolk Southern, and their regional airport.

In addition to the lines and roads that snake their way through Dinwiddie, the county’s general geography makes it a strong sell for logistics industry players, who see the centralized location of the county, just outside the bustling urban centers, but within a day’s drive of many of those centers along the eastern seaboard, as a strong mark in its favor.

“If you’re a distribution company and you want to get in and get out quickly, while you may not be able to do that as quickly in Northern Virginia or Hampton Roads, you can come to Dinwiddie where you have access to all the rail and interstate options and get in and out very quickly,” remarked Dinwiddie County Administrator Kevin Massengill. “In this industry, time is money and we are fortunate to have these options here.”

With more companies considering Dinwiddie and investments being made in maintaining infrastructure, such as the county’s key roadways along I-85 and U.S. Route 460, those who are already here, such as Walmart, see the value of remaining and have invested in their space along Cox Road, reaffirming the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company’s commitment to Dinwiddie.

“When you see a company like Walmart, you usually see facilities like theirs approaching the end of their life cycle, but instead, they have invested about $7 million into their facility and they plan on staying here,” Massengill shared.

ALDI’s ongoing project is part of a $57 million investment into Virginia after the state successfully beat out North Carolina for the distribution center and regional headquarters.

The facility is expected to open in sometime in 2018.

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