Carson’s Rowanty Technical Center takes part in VDOT’s ‘Paint-A-Plow’ program

By: Meredith Baker | Email: Click Here
Posted: Jan. 17, 2018 | 1:25 p.m. 

CARSON – First year students in Rowanty Technical Center’s auto body program participated in the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Paint-a-Plow program this year. Students took on the project of painting two plows, which included coming up with a design. The project took three weeks to complete.

Trenten Brooks and Cody Harrison worked on the design for the two plows, with input from others, including their instructor, Steve Kruse. Brooks said that he never thought he would be painting snow plows.

“It gave us something to do, something exciting,” Brooks said.

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One plow is school and holiday themed, with the school’s name in snow-capped letters and the signatures of students who worked on the project. The other plow has a monster figure representing each of the nine programs of study offered at Rowanty. The figures came from online sources and were projected and then traced onto the plow, but Harrison said that the implements turning those figures into representations of Rowanty’s programs—such as scissors for cosmetology and a torch for welding—were more difficult to add.

“I had to draw all that by hand,” Harrison said.

Students who worked on the project include Dinwiddie County students Yonatan Alvarado, Keion Banks, Daquon Blow, Trenten Brooks, Jason Childers, Cody Harrison, Charles Owens, Seth Phillips, and Angel Ventura and Prince George County students Trevor Aldridge, John Hopkins, Corbin Mayo, Corey Parrish, and Brent Walker.

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