Dinwiddie Competition Cheer Team Wins Regionals

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Email: Click Here
Posted: Nov 9, 2017 | 7:00 p.m. 

DINWIDDIE – You can’t go anywhere in Dinwiddie County these days without hearing about Dinwiddie High School Football and the Team’s stellar season—and deservedly so!

Not to be outdone, the Dinwiddie High Competition Cheer Team, under the direction of Coach Bobbie Jarvis, is also having an equally-impressive year, and breaking school records in the process!

On October 28, in Caroline County, Dinwiddie’s Competition Cheer Team won the Regional Title. In doing so, the Team prevailed over Caroline, Louisa, Powhatan,  Courtland,  Patrick Henry, Chancellor, Eastern View, Monacan, Hanover, Midlothian, and King George High Schools’ Competition Cheer Teams.

Dinwiddie came in first and Hanover came in second.

“Winning regionals was definitely an unforgettable feeling,” remarked Dinwiddie High School sophomore and team captain Alexa McBride. “It was only a couple of weeks ago that we won at the Districts and many thought that this was going to be next to impossible, but we did it!”

McBride continued, “Over the last three years, Dinwiddie Competition Cheerleaders and Coaches worked extremely hard to achieve all of our great accomplishments. There are Teams that have a history of being known to always come out on top, and greatness is just always assumed for them. Our Dinwiddie Competition Cheer Team does not have that kind of history, and we were not given anything based on the name on our uniforms. We had to work for it, and we worked hard; really hard. That is what makes winning the Regionals so special for all of us—we earned it!”

After the team’s success at the regional level, team coach Bobbie Jarvis praised the members of the competition cheer team for all their hard work.

“This Team has worked unbelievably hard all season, and everything finally clicked and came together when it mattered the most,” Jarvis said.

The Dinwiddie Competition Cheer Team is now in its third year of coaching by Jarvis. Many of the team members were absolutely blown away several weeks ago upon winning at the District level.

“It was a first for the Team, and a first for Dinwiddie High,” Jarvis said.

The coach continued by saying, “The performances at Regionals were exactly what we had all been working so hard for all season, and watching them finally come together and put on a flawless show was extremely rewarding, humbling, and gratifying.

“To say that we are proud of them would be an understatement because they are the first Dinwiddie cheer team to win the region in Dinwiddie’s history,” Jarvis said excitedly.

The Dinwiddie High School Competition Cheer Team has come up with two of their own hashtags: #Earned, not given; and #jOURney!

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