Dinwiddie County implements new recycling practices

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Posted: February 25, 2020 | 1:30 p.m.

DINWIDDIE – Director of Public Works, Gene Jones, announced that Dinwiddie County is implementing new recycling practices. Starting early last week, convenience centers will no longer accept single-stream recyclables. Convenience centers and the County landfill will continue to accept metal, cardboard and aluminum cans for recycling.

“The cost of single-stream recycling has increased to the point that is no longer cost-effective to continue this part of our program”, stated Gene Jones. He continued, “We will continue to recycle metal, cardboard and aluminum cans. The County will monitor costs and hopes to bring back single- stream recycling when it makes sense financially.”

Single-stream recycling is defined as a system in which consumers place various types of recyclables such as plastics, paper, metal, and glass in a single recycling bin. The recyclables are then collected and transported to a material recovery facility where they are sorted and processed.

Anne Howerton, Deputy County Administrator for Finance and General Services stated, “This issue is not unique to Dinwiddie. The cost of single-stream recycling has risen to $84/ton based on market demand, or lack thereof, overseas. This is in sharp contrast to the $28/ton we currently pay for municipal waste. At this time, we do not feel as though continuing the single-stream component of our recycling program is good stewardship of the public trust or taxpayer dollars.”

Dinwiddie citizens are encouraged to continue recycling metal, cardboard and aluminum cans, by sorting and placing these items in the appropriate receptacles at the County landfill and convenience centers. For operating hours, please visit: www.Dinwiddieva.us/364/recycling.

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