Dinwiddie Middle kids study effect

At Dinwiddie Middle School, Rebecca Meier’s 6th grade class studied the greenhouse effect (Virginia Standard of Learning 6.3) with a lab set-up created and donated by Home Depot of South Hill. After much trial and error, the staff created a PVC stand to hold a heat lamp a short distance above the testing material.

The greenhouse effect is a result of the sun’s rays beating down on the Earth’s surface, trapping the energy, and heating the Earth’s surface. In the simulated experiment, the heat lamp provides the sun’s rays and beats down into a shoe box. A plastic film placed over the top of the open box simulates the Earth’s atmosphere, trapping the energy and heating up the surface air inside the box. The students recorded the change in temperature with a thermometer placed inside the box and compared it to one outside of the box.

Ms. Meier’s classes would like to thank Home Depot for their dedication and donation to their Science class. Now they will be able to study the greenhouse effect even on cloudy days with the heat lamp supplying the sun’s energy.

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Students from Dinwiddie Middle School, with help from Home Depot, studied the Greenhouse Effect and were able to stage experiments and exercises related to the effect.

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