Dinwiddie School Board adopts budget

The Dinwiddie County School Board adopted its FY2017 budget at its April 12 meeting. The total budget, including the school fund, textbook fund, grants, nutrition, debt service, and the school capital fund, is set at $53,936,003.00, with the school operating fund accounting for $42,509,622.00 of that amount. The school fund includes an increase of $1,682,194.00 over the operating fund for the current year.

Superintendent David Clark said that the budget includes the completion of a plan to move teachers to a new salary scale in which teachers will move up the sale and see a salary increase for every year of experience.

Board Chairwoman Barbara Pittman said that one problem with the previous scale was that the lack of finances in some years had made it impossible for teachers to move up the scale.

“Our teaching staff, of course led by our principals, are the backbone of our educational system,” Pittman said, “and so that talent, we have got to keep it, we’ve got to be able to recruit it, and we’ve got to hang on to it, and we are certainly rearranging our scales, trying to make sure that that is something that works better than the system that we had for years.”

Due to the process of converting to that scale, teachers will see varying degrees of salary increases this year, but Clark said that everyone can expect to see some increase. He said that the goal is to eventually move all non-teachers to a unified pay scale. That will not be accomplished in this budget, but non-teachers will be getting a salary increase.

“All employees will see a minimum of a two percent salary increase,” Clark said.

Clark said that the budget also funds seven new full-time positions, including two alternative education teachers, an elementary classroom teacher, a speech pathologist, an instructional technology resource teacher, a special education teacher, and a reading specialist. Two part-time positions for a Medicaid clerk and a credit recovery facilitator are also included in the budget, as well.

The budget is based on expected local funding of $14,138,674.00, which is the same as the county appropriation for the current fiscal year. Clark said that the amount of local funding will not be confirmed until the county passes its budget for the upcoming year.

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