Dinwiddie Sheriff candidates take part in election questionnaire

By: Michael Campbell | Twitter: @itsthesoup
Posted: October 31, 2019 | 1:45 p.m. 

DINWIDDIE – Ahead of the November 2019 General Election, The Dinwiddie Monitor afforded candidates in contested races the opportunity to take part in a short questionnaire where they could all answer the same questions and have their responses printed for prospective voters.

Candidates received the questions during the same 24-hour window earlier this month with a deadline of October 17 at 5 p.m. for their responses and a headshot to be returned. The questionnaire was distributed to candidates digitally and sent to the email addresses that were on file in recent Virginia Department of Elections candidate records. If a candidate did not have an email address listed, phone calls were made to the candidates to request their email address so they could receive the questionnaire.

Below are the unedited answers of Sheriff candidates who took part in the questionnaire and provided their responses by the October 17 deadline.

1 – Why are you running and or seeking re-election to local office?


Donald Adams – I have a continued commitment for the Sheriff’s Office to be the organization all citizens can believe in, depend on, and trust. Accountability is a priority and I hold my staff to the standards that the Citizens of Dinwiddie County deserve.


Darryl Hayes – I deeply care about this community. This is where I grew up.  I am running for office because I enjoy serving and I believe in service to the community where one lives.  I will strive to implement programs that will enhance the ability of the Sheriff’s office to keep our community safe and improve relationships with our citizens.  As your new Sheriff, I want to improve partnerships and service, develop law enforcement mentorships for at-risk youth, and hold quarterly town hall meeting to ensure the citizens have a voice in their community.  I will work with education and mental health professionals to develop policies that will ensure our children our safe in school. I will also target drug dealers and violent criminals to reduce the number of drugs and crime in the county.  I will be a full-time “hands-on Sheriff” who will be consistently involved with the citizens, not just during election years. It is my goal to work together on making Dinwiddie County a better and safer place to reside.

2 – What experience do you have that qualifies you for this office?

Adams – I was elected as Sheriff in Dinwiddie County in 2011 and again in 2015 and currently serve as Sheriff of Dinwiddie County.  I want to continue to move Dinwiddie County forward.  I have over 40 years experience in law enforcement, I have held positions at the sheriff’s office including Dispatch , Corrections, Patrol deputy, Sergeant of patrol, Investigator, Lieutenant of Investigation, and currently Sheriff. I have built a reputation on honesty, being a man of my word, and helping everyone I come in contact with.

Hayes – I have nineteen years of law enforcement experience. Currently, I am with the Waverly Police Department where I serve as Captain for the last five years.  As Captain, I oversee all Patrol Officers & the Investigation Department. I am responsible for department scheduling, budget & accounting, officer training, and community programming in the town of Waverly. Furthermore, I worked for the Dinwiddie County Sheriff’s office for fourteen years where I held several positions to include; Jail Officer, Patrol Deputy, Sergeant Training Officer, Patrol Sergeant, and Lieutenant of Patrol. I am also a certified Crater Criminal Justice Academy Instructor and successfully completed various supervisory and law enforcement accreditations/certifications to include (only a few listed); Crisis Intervention Team Instructor, General Instructor, Peer Support Specialist, Basic Crime Prevention, Active Shooter Training, & Field Training Officer.

3 – If elected/reelected what are some of your priorities once in office in the areas of crime prevention and law enforcement?

Adams – One priority is the enforcement against illegal drugs. Drugs are a major concern as they lead to other areas of crime as larceny and break ins.  I have a Deputy assigned to the Virginia State Police Drug task force as well as a Deputy Sheriff working on illegal drug activity in the county. Protection and quality service to the Citizens of Dinwiddie is a priority for my Office.

Hayes – One of my main priorities are the safety and protection of our children. School safety is a critical issue facing Dinwiddie County.  Gun violence and active shooter situations are happening way too often, and we need to be ready. We proactively need to assist our schools with identifying troubled students, invest in the proper resources to keep our buildings safe, and prepare our deputies on how to respond when a crisis occurs. Another key issue is the drug problem in our community.  Opioid, methamphetamine, and other controlled substance abuse are becoming critical problems and we need to continue the war against drugs.  That is why community policing and re-establishing neighborhood watch programs are vital in supporting our continuous fight against this growing epidemic. As your Sheriff, I will pledge to provide the training, equipment, resources and a healthy working environment for the employees of the Sheriff’s office.  When they improve, we all improve. I will empower others to be their best, lead from the front, and connect with all citizens of Dinwiddie County.

4 – If elected/reelected what will you do to foster strong bonds between law enforcement and the community?

Adams – I maintain an open door policy to all citizens and am always available thru Facebook, text messaging, and phone calls. I have deputy sheriffs assigned to Community relations, maintaining TRIAD program and neighborhood watch groups. Communication with our media to keep our Citizens up on current events, as well as write a weekly article in the local newspaper to share information and keep our Citizens informed.

Hayes – We first must re-establish trust and promote transparency between the Sheriff’s Office and the community.  To be effective, law enforcement needs the community’s help in providing information, support and assistance in combating crime. I will continually identify and respond to the needs of our community and partner with other law enforcement agencies and community organizations to reduce crime and serve the needs of our county.  It is also important for the citizens to have a VISIBLE Sheriff. I will strengthen the partnership with our community by taking a proactive approach to connect, listen, and build honest relationships with open communications. I WILL ALWAYS SHOW RESPECT. I recognize the value of our unique cultural diversity and I will treat all people with kindness, tolerance, and dignity. I will cherish and protect the rights, liberties, and freedoms of all persons.

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