Disciplinary action expected after ‘inappropriate’ DHS student video shared online

By: Michael Campbell | Twitter: @DinwiddieMonitr
Posted: October 8, 2019 | 2:46 p.m.

DINWIDDIE – Dinwiddie County Public Schools representatives said disciplinary action is expected to be levied against those involved in the creation of an “inappropriate” online video that ended up being shared across social media before being brought to school administrators’ attention Tuesday.

According to Director of School & Community Relations for DCPS Christie Clarke, while she was unable to go into detail about what the roughly 20-second video contained, she did say the video, initially uploaded on social media platform Snapchat, was recorded in the Dinwiddie High School football team locker room sometime Monday evening following their practice and they were made aware of its existence and the fact the video was being shared on other social media sites mid-morning Tuesday.

“We received some reports from students and parents that a video was circulating on social media,” she said. “It is very inappropriate [ video ] from some locker rooms. It was not a long video, but it was enough to cause disruption, certainly.”

Clarke continued, “It has been shared a lot. Students came forward and said they had seen a video and that we needed to see it. It was certainly not reflective of the team and this was an isolated incident. It is about a student, not really the team, which is unfortunate because it doesn’t look good.”

With students and parents reaching out to DCPS about the inappropriate video being shared widely on social media, Clarke said the school division and Dinwiddie High School administrators immediately began their investigation, working to identify those in the video and gather other information. So far, Clarke said it appears the video was recorded on Snapchat and over time, began being shared as others recorded the video and posted it on other websites, including Facebook, where it was distributed further.

In a statement and a later interview, Clarke said those involved in the incident would “receive appropriate disciplinary action as well as training and supports regarding internet safety and appropriate social media use,” explaining, based on the school division’s code of conduct, this incident would be considered a school disruption as “it is causing a disruption to the learning environment,” along with the inappropriate use of technology. Paired with the disciplinary action, further reinforcement of proper social media conduct would be provided.

“They have to have those reminders,” she remarked. “We do teach those things but, kids make mistakes and they may not think about their actions sometimes. They have to be reminded of the consequences and how this can impact them and their friends when they do things like this.”

When asked, Clarke said the school division does keep an eye on the social media postings of students while also noting the importance of community tips that can draw their attention to things they may not have been aware of.

“We are always monitoring [social media],” she explained, “We are always watching and looking for things but certainly the tips we get from people are great because sometimes, you don’t always know.”

“This doesn’t reflect our student body. They knew this was wrong and this is not what we are about. Sometimes when videos are posted, how do you know if they even knew they were being recorded so it could be embarrassing to some people and certainly embarrassing to some of those in that video,” she closed.

According to the school division, school leaders are continuing to investigate the incident to determine the identity of those involved and reaching out to their parents.

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