Local historian taking on challenge of television

A well-known local historian and author is excited about doing a television show for British TV starting very soon in the fall.

Tamara Eastman, the director of the upcoming movie “Insurrection,” will be partnering with her filmmaking mentor, actor Tony Rotherham, to produce a TV show called “The Ramblings of a Madman,” that will showcase the culture of Petersburg and the surrounding region.

“The British love anything that has to do with rednecks or hillbillies,” Eastman said Rotherham told her when he came to her with the idea for the show while they were discussing “Insurrection.” “Plus, Tony is always playing villains in movies, so I wanted to show the other side of Tony, and I’m going to be doing that by dragging him to all these different things.”

Rotherham, who Eastman says stars in the BBC’s “Robin Hood” program, will be in Virginia from October through Christmas, experiencing various elements of culture that include, at least are planned to include, driving on a speedway, attending a Civil War re-enactment, eating Southern cuisine, experiencing Thanksgiving dinner, and other delights Eastman has planned for him and his fellow actor Phil Rose.

“Tony really wants to experience Southern culture,” Eastman said. “From what he’s told me, the British find us fascinating, and we see this as a chance to show the positive side of Petersburg and we’re going to have fun with it.”

Eastman, who worked as a tour guide for the city and works as an historian at Fort Lee, said she is excited about spending more time with Rotherham and being able to show off the historical and cultural sides of Dinwiddie County.

“We really hope this helps Petersburg,” Eastman said. “All we hear about is negative things about the city, and we want to see the community doing things together on this show.”

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