Midway Elementary’s Celeste Potts is the Dinwiddie Difference for February

By: Adrienne Wallace | Email: Click Here
Posted: March 13, 2020 | 1:30 p.m.

DINWIDDIE – Each month, the School Board recognizes a staff member who is making a difference in the division and with students. Though, there was not a recognition in January with a delayed meeting due to necessary training for new members, Potts kicked off the tradition in 2020 on Feb. 11.

She is a 1st Grade teacher at Midway.

“Mrs. Potts instills the love and learning within in all of her students by themed weeks focused around different reading strategies and engaged activities.”

For the 1st grade teacher, it’s more than a job – it’s family with generations of her own attending Dinwiddie schools.

“Dinwiddie is my community,” she said. “My family has been raised here. My  parents went to Midway, my grandparents, my children as well as my granddaughter will attend here in four years.”

She has a superhero week, pirate week, many days of celebrations and several others that light the students love for learning on fire, the video in her honor states.

Potts praised the support of local families and the community support that surrounds the schools and her classroom.

“About 10 years ago, I started using donors’ choice,” she noted. “Many resources are provided by parents and grandparents who support teacher resources at Midway.”

The brief video played at the Feb. 11 School Board meeting highlighted several of the activities, Potts holds in her classroom that keep the interest of students with hand on learning skills and even some physical activity.

Ashley BoBo, a parent, said, “Mrs. Potts cultivates such a learning-rich environment for all of her students and we are so grateful to have had her last year.”

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