Music in the Grove Festival

Richard Bland College introduced a little culture to Dinwiddie last Wednesday with the Music in the Grove Festival. The festival was held in front of the former Humanities building, which is the oldest and largest pecan grove in Virginia. The festival consisted of three concerts, as well as food, a beer truck and games for Children.

“This is the first year that the college offered Music in the Grove,” Director of Communications Joanne Williams said. “Richard Bland was reaching out to the community which supports it and offering these types of venues.”

Williams explained that attendance has increased with each festival the community holds.

“We hope that at future events, it will continue to increase,” Williams said. “Certainly with something new like this it takes time for the word to get out and people to know about the events”

Williams said they thought a music festival would be a good thing for people to come out to after work.

“It’s really gorgeous setting,” Williams said. “Even on hot nights it’s cool. We thought that would be a good for people to just come and enjoy some food and drink and music.”

The festival started in the evening around 6pm. The first of the three bands to perform was a bluegrass band. The second to perform was a jazz band and the final band was the Peppas band from Virginia Commonwealth University.

“It was a variety of music,” Williams said. “We had different bands of course and we were pleased with it.”

Williams said that she thought the turnout for the festival was pretty good considering it was the first Music in the Grove festival the college has done. She also said that this is all leading up to a larger festival which will be held on October 29. That festival will feature another several bands and food trucks, as well as beer and wine.

“We were very pleased with how it went,” Williams said. “We really don’t plan to change anything other than we may have different bands of course.”

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