Neighbors express their concern at Dinwiddie Planning Commission meeting

Posted: July 17, 2020 | 10:00 a.m.

By Rodney Robinson

DINWIDDIE — After the applicant from Ogburn and Ogburn Trucking shared their plans to expand the laydown storage area for their business to the planning commission on Wednesday night Ceanie Salmons, Dinwiddie resident, stepped forward to speak.

Salmons shared that in August of 2015, she and her family were homeless due to a house fire. During this span, they lived in a camper while they looked for a home big enough to support their family. During these four months, she lost her father-in-law to cancer and her husband was also in a motorcycle accident. Her friend was able to find a home on Zillow that was nearly perfect, but it was a little much at the time. Salmon shared that her “mother emptied her retirement to give us a home.” Salmons stresses that this expansion will have her home “totally surrounded by a steel forest.”

“We moved to the country for peace and quiet,” Salmons shared. “I’m pretty sure that everyone here will not want to go out their backdoor and see a steelyard.”

The applicant Ogburn and Ogburn Trucking are seeking a conditional use permit to operate a laydown yard on property located south across the street from Zion Road. The applicant is applying to expand the laydown yard storage area for their business.

It has not yet been indicated if this storage yard expansion will increase their number of employees as their primary client is Gerdau Ameristeel. In a 6-to-1 vote, the commission decided to table the case until August 12.

In addition to this case, the planning commission met to discuss case C-20-4. Applicants Ralph A. Sshands and Thermon S. Shands requested to operate an open pit sand and a gravel mine. The proposed mining operation is to be used similarly to the neighboring Pegram Mine and the Shands mine. A concerning issue for the planning commission was the number of trucks that would operate on the road in the area. The commission recommended that they should limit it to 50 trucks.

In a 7-to-0 vote, this case was recommended to be reviewed by the board of supervisors in August.

The planning commission’s next meeting is July 15 at 7 p.m. For more information, visit their public meetings calendar.

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