New employee health insurance rates approved by Dinwiddie Schools

By: Meredith Baker, Staff Writer
11:19 a.m. | August 10, 2017

DINWIDDIE – The Dinwiddie County School Board has approved new health insurance plans which will be effective October 1.

Benefits Coordinator Charles Wells said that a team from the school division had looked at various options to try to keep the cost down.

“This year we did see an increase in premiums, so we had to take several looks at different alternative plans,” Wells said.

The division will be staying with Anthem for health and dental insurance but exchanging the current vision plans through Davis Vision for plans with UniView Vision. Wells said that UniView Vision is slightly more expensive but covers a larger network of participating doctors.

Employees will have three options through Anthem for health insurance, including two options with a health savings account and a more traditional option without that account. Wells said that, under the new plans, employees’ premiums will go down, but the more traditional plan now has a $500.00 deductible for employee plans and a $1000.00 deductible for employee plus spouse, employee plus child, and family plans.

The deductible for the health savings account plans has also been raised from $2800.00 to $3000.00 for employee only plans and from $5600.00 to $6000.00 for employees with family members on their plan.

According to Wells, though, one person’s medical expenses will only have to reach $3000.00 in order to meet the deductible for his or her care; the remaining amount of the $6000.00 deductible will only apply to expenses for other family members. The employee share of the monthly premiums will now range from $43.00 for an employee with the least expensive health savings account plan to $907.95 for an employee on the more traditional plan whose spouse and children are also covered.

The division’s monthly contributions will range from $398.15 to $1008.00, but they will also be starting off the health savings accounts for employees with those plans with $1000.00 contributions for employee only plans and $1500.00 contributions for employee plus child, employee plus spouse, and family plans.

Wells said that the division’s expenses will be within the amount budgeted for health insurance for the current fiscal year, but they will be approximately two percent greater than the division’s expenses for the last year.

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