Old-fashioned family fun showcased during Dinwiddie Fair

By: Sherry Williams Kidd, Staff Writer | Twitter: @DinwiddieMonitr
Posted: October 18, 2019 | 1:45 p.m.

DINWIDDIE – Last weekend, Dinwiddie County once again hosted its amazing annual county fair. Residents from the county and all over Central Virginia descended on Dinwiddie for one of the most joyous of fall traditions and activities, and from all appearances, not a single person was disappointed.

Every person you spoke with had their own favorite aspect of the yearly event. Some folks just love the amazing fair foods. Others love those crisp fair nights, with the lights of the midway, the ringing of the bells in the games of chance, and thrilling rides. Last Saturday morning, people both young and old, went from one exhibit to the next to see the beautiful animals, the agricultural exhibits, the produce displays, the shows, the entertainment, and so much more.

“County fairs are so great because they bring so many residents of our community together,” remarked Chris Walters, Manager of Dinwiddie’s Eastside Enhancement Center. “This is a once-a-year opportunity to remember what Dinwiddie County is all about. We have all of our agricultural services out here, our Kiwanis Club, Future Farmers of America, the Ruritan Club, and so many other civic, government, social, and service organizations providing information, advice, and help. This is a 100-percent family event, and we have activities for everyone from toddlers to senior citizens. Dinwiddie County Fair is truly fun for everyone.”

The Dinwiddie County Fair featured live music, a carnival with over 20 thrilling rides, games of chance with prizes, unbelievable attractions, performance shows, displays & exhibits, fabulous fair foods, and so MUCH MORE. There were live toe-tapping, finger-snapping performances, by Southbound and J. B. and The Get Down Band. Some of the more enthusiastic fair-goers even demonstrated a few moves to the music. There were live performances shows by the Aussie Kingdom, Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean, Ultimate Championship Wrestling, Firefighter Training Show, Mud Racers World Finals, Agri-Puppets, two-nights of fireworks, and every single performance seemed more exciting than the last.

“We have been helping with the setup of this year’s fair since this past Tuesday,” said Bill Tomlin, Cross Bearer’s Motorcycle Ministry. “There is just something about a fair that everyone loves. We have an exhibit of our Motorcycle Ministry here, and we are educating fair-goers on what we do. The lights, the sounds, and the smell—this entire atmosphere just makes you happy.”

Old Dominion Historical Fire Society was also present at this year’s fair. There were dragsters, antique tractors & farm equipment, and Dinwiddie 4-H members and Extension Agents were on-hand to provide invaluable education and information. There was a VDOT simulator, soil and water trailer, and so much more.

“This fair gives Dinwiddie an opportunity to shine,” said J. Rayfield Vines, Director, Dinwiddie Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. “It’s a great opportunity for the region to see who Dinwiddie is, the local flavor, the community coming together, and what we are all about. So many of our organizations are showcased here today, such as 4H, Kiwanis Club, civic groups, volunteer groups, VFW, charitable organizations, the wonderful local food vendors, and the list just goes on. What a great and fun time for everyone to come together and enjoy Dinwiddie County.”

The annual county fair. Surely the sights, sounds, and smells are unequaled. The looks on the faces of children as they have their head down in big batches of cotton candy, when fearlessly riding one of the thrilling rides, petting one of the precious animals, or when actually winning one of the prizes at the games of chance—priceless, absolutely priceless.

One last special event at the fair this year was inside the 4H tent, where four jars containing money were on display near a rather large pig. Each of the jars had a name on them—County Administrator Kevin Massengill, Sheriff Duck Adams, Dinwiddie 4-H’s Hannah Bishop, and Commissioner of Revenue Lori Stevens.

The person’s jar that contained the most money was obligated to kiss the pig in front of the crowds. Hannah commented that it might be more appropriate for a “Duck” to kiss the pig. So, who got up-close and personal with that porker? Hannah had to have been on to something, because Sheriff Duck Adams had the most money in his jar and had to kiss the pig. What an amazing fair!

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