Organizers gearing up to make 5th annual Teen Expo biggest event yet

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Email: Click Here
Posted: Apr. 14, 2018 | 4:15 p.m. 

DINWIDDIE  – On Saturday, April 21, Dinwiddie County will again host its popular Teen Expo at Richard Bland College. Richard Bland is one of the signature sponsors of Dinwiddie Teen Expo, as they have once again donated their campus for the day, as they have since 2015. 

“Our 1st year in 2014 we hosted the Teen Expo at the Eastside Community Enhancement Center, but we quickly realized we needed a larger venue to accommodate more students as evident from our massive waiting list,” said Cierra Gravely, Marketing and Youth Workforce Development Coordinator, Planning and Community Development. “With this change, we were able to double our maximum capacity and accept 200 student registrations and 60 parents for this increasingly-popular yearly event.”

The Teen Expo was developed out of a need to provide our youth with traditional and non-traditional opportunities to better prepare themselves to enter the workforce. 

Turnout for the Dinwiddie Teen Expo continues to grow and organizers are expecting this year’s event to be the biggest yet. (Dinwiddie County)

“We discovered that through a fun and engaging, yet informational, forum, we could capture our target audience and equip our youth with the skills necessary to be competitive in the local and regional workforce,” said Gravely.

During the Dinwiddie Teen Expo, participants are given the opportunity to engage with local resource vendors, apply for summer job opportunities, and attend a host of informational workshops. This year, students will participate in sessions regarding social media landmines, the importance of civic engagement, and life after high-school – Adult-Life 101—The Basics.

Participants will also engage in a money management simulation. They will be assigned specific careers, given a salary, family size, and more; and they will have to move from station to station to secure everyday necessities such as housing, transportation, insurance, child-care, banking, and more. “Does this sound stressful? We promise, this will be a fun and engaging forum for our participants, and we culminate this activity with an outdoor Fun Fest,” Gravely chuckled. 

This Fun Fest will include gaming stations, inflatable rides, sporting activities, and wonderful prize giveaways!  

Teens at previous Teen Expo show support for the Red Nose Day initiative. (Dinwiddie County)

“I believe this event has been so popular and well-received because it exceeds the expectations of our participants, and they have in turn told their friends,” said Gravely! “It just continues to grow each year! Our planning committee has worked diligently to stay up with the trends, we have constantly asked for student input, and we have worked hard to ensure every year that the Dinwiddie Teen Expo is relatable and relevant for our participants; which has kept them coming back—in droves.”

Unfortunately, Registration for this hugely-popular event closed when registration capacity was met on March 17; however, any registrations or inquiries received after this date were placed on a waiting list. 

If any advance cancellations are received, or if it is determined that there were unreturned forms, additional students and parents will be allowed to fill those slots.

“I am grateful for the opportunity we have been presented to affect positive change in the lives of youth here in Dinwiddie County. It is through the support of our Board of Supervisors, Dinwiddie County Public Schools, and our invested community partners that we are successfully preparing today’s youth to become tomorrow’s workforce.”

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