Rugged Maniacs host mud run at Motorsports Park

Running through the mud on a Saturday is something that people came out to Motorsports Park to do on Saturday. The event featured a three mile course going through the mud, as well as obstacles including fire and water. After the course an all-day event was set up with competitions and entertainment. There was a mechanical bull, an inflatable obstacle course, contests on stage, as well as dancing.

“We have a lot of return racers that come around,” Staff Member Amy Lindenfelzer. “They come back to run again because they had so much fun the first time. It’s always nice to see familiar faces.”

Lindenfelzer said that the male top finisher of the course has been the top finisher for the past couple races that they’ve hosted. Prizes for the racers included soft cotton T-shirts, racer medals, free photos and one free beer. The prince to enter was $100 with a $10 military discount. Parking also costed an additional $10 and the event was free for spectators.

“Participants come throughout the day,” Deputy Event Director Jeff Scott said. “They enjoy the run, and afterwards we have a rocking festival area. We have a big festival area with a big party that goes on as long as the race.”

Rugged Maniac is a team building experience that helps develop a workplace culture while promoting health and wellness throughout an organization. With over 25 obstacles packed into three miles, it’s a challenging and group outing that’s accessible to all employees, not just athletes. Their events attract participants from all ages, fitness levels, and genders. Approximately 50 percent of the runners are women and 50 percent are men.

“Rugged Maniac was the perfect event for us,” a Delta Airlines employee said in an interview. “The Rugged Delta team enjoyed everything from the pre-race fun to the team building aspect of the course itself and the fantastic customer service of the Rugged Maniac staff.”

The event began at Motorsports park in the morning and concluded in the evening. It was open all day for racers to come in teams and participate. After the race and before enjoying the festival, there was an area where the racers could spray themselves off and the used muddy shoes from the racers could be given to charity.

“Virginia Motorsports Park is a great area for us to have an event,” Scott said. “They’re so easy to work with. Dinwiddie County is also very easy to work with, it’s in a great area. They allow us to come in here, set up this race and have all these participants, we always have a good show in Virginia, it’s one of our most popular races.”

Saturday’s race was the second of two that Rugged Maniacs hosts in Virginia. The first race was held in May, and they hold their second race in the fall. They hold 20 events around the country.

“Our staff travels to all the different events,” Scott said. “We have a great construction crew that builds all the obstacles and all that. We do a lot of travel, a lot of different events and everyone comes out here and makes this event happen for everyone here.”

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