School Board okays school meal price hike

The Dinwiddie County School Board has approved an increase in meal prices for the upcoming school year. The county has seen increases in lunch prices in recent years because of federal regulations requiring localities to either absorb or pass on to their students a greater share of the cost of meals. Carey Athey, the director of school nutrition, said that the rising cost of food and the expense of serving healthier meals have also made it necessary to charge more for breakfast.

“The increase in the lunch will be ten cents for students and ten cents for adults, and the increase for breakfast will be five cents for students and five cents for adults,” Athey said.
The increase for students is the same as the amount of the increase which was implemented before the current school year. During the upcoming school year, students will pay $2.55 for lunch and $1.35 for breakfast. Athey said that students paying the reduced price of $0.40 for lunch and $0.30 for breakfast will not see an increase in the price of their meals.

The price of meals for adults will be $3.20 for school lunch and $1.65 for school breakfast.

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