School Board reappropriates FY19 year-end funds into current budget

By: Adrienne Wallace | Email: Click Here
Posted: February 23, 2020 | 1:30 p.m. 

DINWIDDIE – The School Board approved the reappropriation of Fiscal Year 2019 end-of-year balances during last week’s regular meeting.

School officials explained, after completion of the FY2019 audit, additional fund balances not included in the adopted FY2020 schools budget have been reappropriated by the Board of Supervisors and School Board.

Supervisors approved supplemental appropriations at their Dec. 17, 2019 meeting, Schools Director of Finance Christie Fleming explained.

According to the presentation, the decrease to the textbook funds resulted in expenses incurred and paid prior to June 30. 2019, which were included in the adopted budget as part of the projected beginning balance.

However, the total increase to Dinwiddie Public Schools’ budget for FY2020 is $483,986. That included nearly $120,000 in school grants more than $92,000 in capital projects, $53,554 for school nutrition and, more than $350,000 in capital projects minus the nearly $133,000 for textbooks.

In a memorandum to the Board of Supervisors, Deputy County Administrator Anne Howerton explained special revenue funds may only be spent for specific purposes.

In referring to the school fund balance transfer, she stated, “since their fund balances do not revert to the general fund at year-end, the ending balances need to be reappropriated for each fiscal year. Additionally, each year the Board of Supervisors approves and appropriates project specific capital improvement plan expenditures.

“The projects, however, may take more than one year to complete, resulting in project year-end balances in the CIP Fund,” she noted.

Vice-Chair Mary M. Benjamin made a motion to increase the FY2020 Dinwiddie County Public Schools’ total budget by $483,986. That was seconded by Betty Haney and all agreed.

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