Simply The Best: McKenney Farmers’ Market returns for another season

By: Sherry Williams Kidd | Email: Click Here
Posted: May 11, 2018 | 2:30 p.m.

MCKENNEY – There are many residents of Dinwiddie County that will tell you McKenney Farmer’s Market is simply the best. They are right! McKenney held the much-anticipated 2018 opening of its Farmer’s Market on Friday, April 27. 

This week’s market, held on Friday, May 4, was equally as impressive as last week’s inaugural opening. There were absolutely the best fresh vegetables and produce, homemade jams and jellies, pickled everything, home-baked goods that made your mouth water, one-of-a-kind crafts, and so much more!

Rachel Miller, Westover Farms proudly displays local strawberries, honey, onions, radishes, lettuce, cabbage, strawberry jam, pound cake, granola, and even homemade sausage! (Rodger Allen Kidd)

Westover Farm’s strawberries were amazing—big and juicy! These tasty berries were handpicked just a mile down the road from the market. For those that wanted their strawberries already processed, there were so many options; such as homemade strawberry jams, jellies, and fresh delicious strawberry pies and cakes! Fresh blackberries from the farm will be available later in the season.

McKenney Farmer’s Market will be open each Friday afternoon, from 3:00-6:00 p.m., throughout the season, rain or shine. The Market is conveniently located beside Route 40, 10402 Doyle Boulevard, McKenney. 

“Farmers’ markets provide you with higher-quality food with a superior taste,” said Jewel Yoder, Jolly Holly Farmstead and Market Committee Representative. “Visitors continue to return to the market each year from McKenney, and from all over Dinwiddie County, the tri-cities, and as far away as Richmond, because our small market has such a large variety of homemade goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a friendly atmosphere. Folks just enjoy coming out, discovering what’s new at the market, and socializing with others,” Yoder added.

Several folks were standing in front of the Jolly Holly Farmstead booth, trying out the incredible gooey chewy chocolate crinkle cookies! They absolutely defied imagination! When asked the secret of these delectable cookies, Melanie Yoder, Jolly Holly Farmstead, said, “oh you know, they just have some of this and some of that.” One can certainly not blame her for keeping this secret close-hold!

Farmers’ markets continue to be a growing trend that help to fill the need for fresh fruit and produce in “food deserts.” Many smaller rural areas do not have the big chain grocery stores where fresh fruits and vegetables are less expensive and plentiful. Farmer’s Markets are helping to fill this void. Residents also like the fact that they can enjoy food fresh from a local farm, while helping support local farmers.

Some of the advantages of shopping at the McKenney Farmers Market are that you can purchase meat and eggs produced in humane conditions; you can connect with where your food came from, and actually talk to the person who baked your pie or grew the produce; you can get cooking tips for the produce you purchase;  and shopping is a pleasurable trip, that is so much more than just picking up the weekly groceries.

Lisa Saunders, Crumbs Gourmet Cheesecakes and Sweets, Prince George  County , bakes home-made cheese cakes for the market each Friday—yum! (Rodger Allen Kidd)

One of the vendors that specializes in gourmet cheesecakes and more, will even take pre-orders for her wares and you can pick your order up from the McKenney Farmer’s Market or the Prince George Farmers Market. “I have begun taking pre-orders because so many people want my specialty items for parties or special events in quantity or have customized orders,” said Lisa Saunders, Crumbs Gourmet Cheesecakes and Sweets. She can be reached by telephone at (804) 586-6733. By the way, her items are fabulous!

Prince George Farmer’s Market is still accepting additional vendors to display and sell their goods produced in Virginia. If you are a small home business looking for more ways to distribute your product, consider joining the McKenney Farmer’s Market this season. Market applications are available on the county website and entrance fees are very affordable. For more information on joining, contact Brian, at (804) 712-3652. Check out the McKenney Farmers Market Facebook page at mckenneyfarmersmarket , and follow them weekly to receive updates about the vendors that will be at each week’s market, in season products, and special events. 

Now for a bit of bad or good news, depending upon your perspective, there is a food truck on sight, preparing the most incredible homemade doughnuts, piping hot, and they are the size of a dinner plate! It is highly implausible, improbable, or even impossible, that you will leave the market without having at least one, or two, or three of these amazing creations! It’s okay., you can start that diet next week! Or, if not next week, perhaps at the end of the market season!

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