Southside Heritage Days hosted by historic inn

Historic Fork Inn on Route 460 was once again open to the public this year for the annual Southside Virginia Heritage Days. Darrell and Michelle Olgers hosted the event at the inn, which was built in 1803 and has served as the Olgers family’s home for the last century. The event is held every year near the anniversary of the Battle of Sutherland Station, which took place on April 2nd, 1865, at the Fork Inn property.

Reenactors demonstrated nineteenth century cooking in the home’s detached kitchen, explaining to visitors that cooking was an all-day process at this historic inn, as dinner had to be started as soon as breakfast was finished. Carol Randell drove all the way from Maryland to take part in the event and cook in the kitchen’s massive fireplace, saying that most historic places will not allow reenactors to cook over their large fireplaces for insurance reasons.

“It’s an opportunity you just don’t get very often,” Randell said.

Out on the lawn, visitors could see traditional blacksmithing and hand-carved items, courtesy of craftsmen John Bottoms of Grizzly Forge and Wayne Thornton of James River Woodcarvers. Jimmy Olgers also had his museum, which is housed in the old family store, open to the public. Visitors could also grab a bite to eat from the grill operated by Corinth United Methodist Church.

Featured Photo: By Meredith Baker/Dinwiddie Monitor
Reenactors demonstrate 19th Century cooking during the Southside Virginia Heritage Days held earlier this month at Historic Fork Inn.

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