BOS One Month Deferral on Cox Road Project

By: Natalie McFarland 

Staff Writer

Dinwiddie County Board of Supervisor, Chairman Harrison A. Moody, released a letter to citizens stating that no action would be taken concerning the Cox Road 348-unit apartment development project until a later date.

“Furthermore, the Board has expressed to staff that while public hearings will be held, we do not intend to make a final decision relative to the Proposed rezoning (P-22-6) and the Proposed Conditional Use Permit (C-22-3) at the August 16 meeting. The consensus of the Board is to defer action on these items to the September 20, 2022, regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors.”

The deferral is expected to provide enough time for evaluating citizens comments and to consider land use implications associated with the proposal. Chairman Moody also stated, “Please know that this delay is not intended to limit citizen comments or suppress participation. The Board and I truly want to understand all aspects of this proposal.”

With over 400 residents in opposition of the Cox Road apartment project present, the Dinwiddie Planning Commission staff with a vote of 4 yay and 3 nays, recommended the approval for the 358 multifamily residential dwelling units located at 24224 Cox Road to the Board of Supervisors at a meeting held on Wednesday, July 13. The applicant, David B. Gammon, is seeking a conditional use permit to allow for 348 multifamily residential dwelling units at a density of approximately 14.25 units per acre on property containing approximately 24.73 +/- acres.

Although the approval was set with conditions, residents of the area remain unhappy about the Cox Road Apartments project and do not want them there at all. As mentioned at the previous meeting, some concerns of residents about the 348-unit apartment complex are that a high-density complex would create a lot of unwanted noise, the sharing of a one way road in a subdivision, that schools would become overcrowded, and that there is already a strain on an understaffed Fire Department, Ems and Sheriff’s Office, and the construction would last for years.

Another public hearing is set to be held on September 20, 2022 regular Board of Supervisors Meeting.