Central State Hospital escapee in custody

By Zach Armstrong

DINWIDDIE, Va -- A man with a history of assault who escaped Central State Hospital on Nov. 23 is in custody.

According to the Dinwiddie County Sheriff’s Office, Richard Wilson Garrett ran away from hospital staff on the afternoon of Nov. 23 while he was being moved from one part of the hospital where classes were being held to where he resides. Following his escape, the sheriff’s office put a warrant out for his arrest.

Two days later, Garrett returned to the hospital’s campus where a member of the hospital’s staff alerted the sheriff’s office. Authorities then came to arrest him.

The situation is still under investigation. Officials do not know where Garrett went or what he did while missing. The sheriff’s office is also still questioning him. He faces a charge for felony escape and will be booked at the jail.

Garrett had faced charges associated with assault on law enforcement.  He had been in the hospital after being found not guilty by reason of insanity in Carroll County, Virginia. He was originally in a different psychiatric hospital in Virginia before being transferred to Dinwiddie.