By Zach Armstrong

PETERSBURG, Va -- As vaccinations expand in the Commonwealth to those in the next phase, the Crater Health District announced a new online pre-registration tool for individuals in Phase 1a or 1b who want to pre-register to receive information for COVID-19 vaccine registration.

Those in Phase 1b include frontline essential workers, people aged 65 and older, those living in correctional facilities, homeless shelters and migrant camps and people aged 16 through 64 with a high risk medical condition or disability that increases their risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

“We are diligently working to provide vaccines to individuals in Phase 1a and 1b. Our goal is to carry out vaccine  distribution to as many residents in these groups as possible,” said Crater Health District Director Alton Hart, Jr. “The new online tool will gather the contact information for those ready and willing to get their  vaccine. So that when a new clinic is open, we can quickly notify individuals to make an appointment to help  speed up the process.”

Current residents or workers in the CHD within priority groups of Phase 1A  and 1B are encouraged to complete one of two options to be added to pre-register for the vaccine.

One way is to visit the Crater Health District website at and click Crater Vaccination Waitlist to complete the information. After completion, individuals will receive follow up communication to register for an appointment once additional slots are available. Family members are encouraged to assist those with limited or no computer resources. This form is the fastest way to get an appointment, but the timeline for an appointment is to be determined.

Residents with limited access to computers or internet access can also call the Crater  Health District COVID-19 Customer Care Center at (804)-862-8989 Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you have recently called the call center or emailed your information to inquire about or schedule for the COVID-19 vaccination, you will be contacted to register when slots open for appointments.

In Prince George County, vaccinations are taking place every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Prince George High School until the public receives the vaccines. As of Jan. 31, 847 vaccines have been administered in Prince George with 108 fully vaccinated.

 In Dinwiddie, Phase 1a individuals began receiving vaccines in early January and currently, all persons classified as Phase 1a in Dinwiddie County have received their initial dose of the vaccine. Vaccinations in Dinwiddie are administered at the Government Center. As of Jan. 31, 678 vaccines have been administered with 102 fully vaccinated.

Only those with appointments receive vaccinations and the only way to make an appointment is through the Crater Health District.

“We will continue to vaccinate our community to the best of our ability with the resources we have available,” said Dr. Alton Hart, Jr. “In the meantime, it is important to remain vigilant in COVID-19 prevention to protect  yourself and others by practicing: the three W’s: Wear your mask, Wash your hands and Watch your distance.”