DCPS experiences challenges including driver shortage, no bottled water

By Zach Armstrong

Staff Writer

DINWIDDIE, Va -- The Dinwiddie County Public Schools are facing some operational challenges including a shortage of bus drivers, delayed delivery by the school’s weekly delivery from its vendor and not being able to secure bottled water to provide.

The bus driver shortage is not a situation that’s unique to Dinwiddie and is being experienced by school divisions across the nation. DCPS is encouraging families to use the Versatrans My Stop app to track bus locations in real time, both in the morning and in the evening. A link to activate an account is https://www.dinwiddie.k12.va.us/parents/versatrans-my-stop/.

DCPS also learned that their nutrition services department is facing delivery and supply chain interruptions due to workforce and product shortages. This has led to being unable to secure bottled water and a delay in delivery from the school’s vendor.

Meals for students will continue to be provided while items on the menu may change. Students are also encouraged to bring water bottles from home to fill up at fountains in the schools.

“Dinwiddie County Public Schools remains committed to creating safe, meaningful learning experiences for our students.” stated a social media post by the school division. “We are grateful to our community for trusting us to not only educate its children but to partner in providing them with opportunities to succeed.”