Dinwiddie approves solar ordinance, among other items

By Zach Armstrong

DINWIDDIE, Va -- The Dinwiddie County Board of Supervisors approved a proposed amendment on solar installation, award contracts to renovate ambulances and enter a lease for the Public Safety Radio Communication System, recognized two members of the Fire and EMS and held a public hearing on the proposed 21-22 budget.

The board approved a proposed amendment to the Dinwiddie County Zoning Ordinance to amend Article IV – District Regulations, by adding Division 18 for a Utility Scale Solar Energy District to create a zoning district for construction, installation and operation of solar energy projects.

The statement of intent and purpose under the ordinance is “to outline the process and requirements for the construction, installation, and operation of solar energy projects in Dinwiddie County in a manner that promotes economic development and ensures the protection of health, safety, and welfare while also avoiding adverse impacts to agricultural lands, endangered species habitats, conservation lands, and other sensitive lands.”

A contract to replace the chassis on ambulances, add the Stryker Power-Load cot retention system and rework the module interior to a “medic in mind” was approved by the board. The current quote for the remount work is for $240,879 from Goodman Specialized Vehicles and the total cost for the project is $250,000. The Division of Fire & EMS submitted the project to the Office of EMS Rescue Squad Assistance Fund Grant Program for funding and received an award of $65,500, leaving $184,500 paid from county funds.

The board voted to enter into a lease with Subcarrier Communications, Inc. to lease a portion of the property and antenna space located at 16184 Old Cryors Rd in McKenney for the County’s Public Safety Radio Communication System.

The board recognized two members of the Fire and EMS department who had a combined 85 years of service to the county. Junius W Tucker has 35 years of service to the Fire Department and Ronald W Erb has 50 years of service. 

A public hearing soliciting public comment was given on the consideration of the proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 of 2021 and ending June 30 of 2022.