Double B farms wins highest peanut yield in county

By Zach Armstrong

DINWIDDIE, Va -- The 2020 Virginia Peanut Championship Award for having the highest peanut yield in the county of Dinwiddie, as awarded by the Virginia Peanut Growers Association, was awarded to Double B Farms.

The farm also grows corn and soybeans which are used for food for their livestock, wheat which is used for food, dry wheat is used to cover crops and the farm also has a herd of black angus cattle.

The farm produces, as of this past year, around 4,714 pounds of peanuts per acre on 214 acres of land.

This is not the first time Double B Farms has been recognized for their superb production of peanuts. In 2011, Planters Peanuts awarded them for their peanut production. The Appomattox Soil and Water awarded the farm years ago for their conservation effort. The farm has hosted the Virginia Expo for Virginia Agriculture.

The owner claims that their production of peanuts is well done thanks to “intense management practice” to keep insects under control and try to make sure that crops reach full maturity before they are harvested. He also cites Buck Tharpe and County Expo Agent Mike Perish for encouraging good production practice on the farm.

Double B Farms is located 10 miles south of Dinwiddie Courthouse off of highway 40 in between McKenney and Stony Creek.