Homeview Builders provides exterior remodeling with friendly service

By Zach Armstrong

DINWIDDIE, Va -- Owner and President of Homeview Builders Justin Ruble always had the entrepreneurial spirit of delivering highly skilled work at a reasonable price while giving friendly service for free.

At the age of 12, Ruble started his own lawn care business picking up 20 customers on the first day in operation by knocking on doors. Ruble sold the business when he was 20 and took a job working in sales for a company on home improvements in 2003. After falling in love with the industry and working in it for 17 years, Ruble decided he could bring something needed to the table.

“I said there's some missing things in this industry that I think I can fix, after the job is done and you get paid the customer is just another number and I’ve never liked that.” said Ruble. “Everybody I’ve ever worked for would tell me ‘you spent too much time talking to your customers’ so I decided I’m going to start my own company so that I can be their friend,”

 In August of 2017, Homeview Builders was found. The company specializes in exterior remodeling for homes including roofing, siding and windows using high end products. The crews are all specialists in the sense that their jobs don’t mix and match, (Deck workers only work on decks, window workers only work on windows, etc).

The company will serve customers as far north as Fredericksburg, as far west as Lynchburg, as far south to the Virginia/North Carolina line and as far east as Williamsburg.

Homeview Builders is also a sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project donating money to the organization as well as taking wounded veterans on hunting trips three or four days a year to take wounded veterans on hunting trips to help them enjoy the outdoors.

Ruble points to his faith as to why the company remains vibrant and is able to provide quality service to customers.

“The big thing for us is we always felt like faith, family and service are the pillars of success that we’ve stood on and we’re going to continue to stand on those,” said Ruble. “What I understood was this was a community that deserves some help so we did. We’ve provided free services to people in need, specifically in dinwiddie. There's an old saying ‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’, and we want to show people we care and I’d rather do that through actions and not words.”

Throughout his years working on home improvements, Ruble has become quite familiar with acts of kindness and hard work that change other’s lives for the better.

In 2011, on his last appointment before he was set to go on vacation, Ruble stepped in a customer's house in Midloathian knowing something wasn’t right because the entire family including the grandparents had resided there but it was deteriorating massively.

After Ruble discovered that the grandmother had cancer and the husband was laid off, he went and convinced his boss to provide the materials and labor needed to properly fix their home.

With the help of volunteers from Journey Christian Church, the workers completely remodeled the entire interior of the house replacing the siding, roof, windows and then jacking the house off its foundation replacing all the rotten structure that had been severely damaged and built them a deck all free of charge.

“It just felt good. I was able to order all the materials and take all the measurements, get it all together and have it pulled off in a week,” said Ruble. “It felt good that I knew something wasn’t right and I was able to convince the right people to help them out.”