Panel on enlightenment, equity and unity to be hosted in Dinwiddie

By Zach Armstrong

DINWIDDIE, Va -- The Dinwiddie County Advisory Task Force on Equity & Racial Reconciliation will host a panel discussion focused on enlightenment, equity and unity Wednesday, July 28 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Dinwiddie County High School.

A candid discussion among a diverse, eight-member panel will focus on race, equity and unity in Dinwiddie County. The conversation will be moderated by Dr. Cassandra B. Stanley of the VCU Office of Strategic Engagement.

The Listen & Learn session is the first in a series hosted by the Advisory Task Force on Equity & Racial Reconciliation.

“The purpose of the Listen & Learn series is to bring about understanding, respect and hopefully initiate positive change. We may not all agree, but to move our community forward we must understand and respect all points of view.” said Larrt Elder, Co-Chair of the Task Force.

“My hope is that the Listen & Learn session will demonstrate that honest, albeit sometimes uncomfortable dialogue is healthy. Even when we agree to disagree, we can do so with confidence knowing that we are listening, learning and growing in the process of affecting change in the world around us.” said Co-Chair Sharon Yates.

The Advisory Task Force on Equity and Racial Reconciliation was established last year by County Administrator Kevin Massengill. The task force serves to recognize that implicit biases and prejudices can be found throughout the nation and Dinwiddie is committed to identify and address those disparities to strengthen and improve the community.

Members of the task force include those from churches, those representing the county’s youth, those from the county government, a representative from the NAACP, those from local law enforcement and those from Dinwiddie Public Schools.

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