Endorse McAuliffe

By Zach Armstrong

PETERSBURG, Va -- Prince George Supervisor chairman Floyd M. Brown Jr. and Dinwiddie supervisor Brenda Ebron-Bonner have announced they will back Terry Mcauliffe (D) for this year's gubernatorial governor’s race.

“My term as a member of the board of supervisors started just as Gov, McAuliffe was finishing his term as governor, so we really didn't have a true working relationship.” said Brown. “My opinion of him was more formed by the actions and integrity that he displayed during his 4 years as governor of this great Commonwealth.”

As to how Brown thinks McAuliffe’s policies would benefit the people of Prince George, Brown stated that he had a strong focus on economic development in the Commonwealth during his prior term.

Brown also referenced his actions including helping close a deal to bring Stone Brewing to Richmond, landing a $2 billion paper plant in the Richmond suburbs, helped broker a deal with the Corporate Executive Board to locate its global headquarters in Arlington which created 800 new jobs and worked deals to restore service in Norfolk from Carnival Cruise Lines and Air China service to Dulles International Airport.

“With his dedicated focus on economic development, I feel that is important to the residents of Prince George County. Economic Development is the heartbeat of our County's future for such things as infrastructure growth, community growth and reducing the tax burden on our county residents.” said Brown. “This dedicated focus is a key part to help the Commonwealth and Prince George to move forward.”

Ebron-Bonner said in a statement released by McAuliffe’s campaign that her support comes because of his intentions to fix inequities in Virginia's housing crisis.

"Terry will address the shortage in supply of affordable housing and eliminate the discriminatory practices that have kept Black and Brown Virginians from participating in home ownership for far too long. He will make sure housing security is a primary aspect of our recovery," Ebron-Bonner said.

Virginia will hold an election for governor on Nov. 2 of this year. Other Democratic contenders thus far include State Delegate Lee Carter, Former State Delegate Jennifer Foy, Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax, State Senator Jennifer McClellan. Republican candidates thus far include State Sen. Amanda Chase, Former State Del. Kirk Cox, Former CEO of the Center for European Policy Analysis Peter Doran, Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Sergio de la Peña, activist Merle Rutledge Jr., Veteran Kurt Santini, Entrepreneur Pete Snyder and businessman Glenn Youngkin.

“I believe that his past record speaks for itself based on the things that he was able to accomplish when he was governor of Virginia: his stand on economic development in Virginia, his fight for healthcare reform, his strong belief in social legislation related to women's rights, the environment and voting rights. If he can be as successful as in his prior term, it only means great things for the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Brown in an email.