Sheriff’s Corner


This past week deputies took several reports of items being stolen out of vehicles at businesses on the north end of the county. The windows of these vehicles were broken out and purses, wallets, jewelry, and other valuables were taken. Our deputies have been working with the businesses and several good leads have been developed. We are continuing to follow up on these leads to identify these suspects and hold them responsible for these crimes.

In the past, I have reminded you to lock your vehicles and take valuables inside your home or at least put valuables in the trunk of your vehicle or under a seat where they are not visible to potential thieves. In these cases, thieves have targeted businesses, and I would make the same recommendation, not to leave valuables in your vehicle where they are visible to anyone that walks by. Many businesses ask their employees to leave their valuables in their vehicles. Items such as cell phones, purses, and other valuables can be very tempting to a thief. Thieves are very opportunistic. They find items in plain sight and it only takes a matter of seconds and a side window can be smashed, and your valuables are gone. Please take a few extra seconds to secure your valuables in the trunk of your vehicle or under a seat if you cannot take them into your workplace.

If you have any information on any of the thefts from motor vehicles from these businesses on the north end of the county, give us a call here at the Sheriff’s Office.

Since the first of January, we have had two members of the Sheriff’s Office family retire.

Sergeant David (D.C.) Williams retired on January 1st. Sergeant Williams had served the citizens of Dinwiddie County for 11 years. He had a total of 31 years of law enforcement service to the citizens of Central Virginia. Eleven years with Richmond Police Department and nine years with Chesterfield County Police Department before joining the Sheriff’s Office here in Dinwiddie. D.C. served as a patrolman, patrol sergeant and member of the Sheriff’s Office Tactical Team. I want to thank Sergeant Williams for his dedicated service and wish him well as he enters this new phase of his life.

This past week, a member of our K-9 Unit retired after seven years of service to the citizens of Dinwiddie County. K-9 Chaka who joined the K-9 Unit in 2014 retired and will live out his life with his handler, Corporal Ty Moore, and his family. Chaka was trained as a dual-purpose K-9, trained to search out illegal narcotics and as a patrol K-9 to track down fleeing felons as well as serve as a back-up to his handler. Corporal Moore was Chaka’s third handler and had been Chaka’s handler longer that any of the other handlers. I want to thank K-9 Chaka for his loyal service to, not only the Sheriff’s Office, but to agencies across Central Virginia that called on Chaka and Corporal Moore to assist in their jurisdictions. I wish him a long and happy life with the Moore family with plenty of dog treats and belly rubs.