Sheriff's Corner

Keeping the lines of communication open between the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Dinwiddie County has always been a top priority for me.  I have always had an open-door policy and invite all citizens to stop by my office at anytime to discuss any issues you may have. There is no need to make an appointment and I welcome your visits. I also have invited the citizens to express their concerns and provide information to me through social media, the tip line on Sheriff’s page of the Dinwiddie County website (, Petersburg / Dinwiddie Crime Solvers (804) 861-1212 or by just sending me a letter.  These correspondences can come to my attention with your name and contact information or anonymously.  If you have information to provide or a concern that you would like investigated, any of these methods of communicating with me will reach me and I will respond.

We frequently receive information from individuals about shots being fired in their community. We have, from time to time received calls of residences and vehicles being hit by gun fire. Some of these seem to be random in nature, however we feel some are targeted at individuals at the residence that was struck. This type of activity is extremely dangerous as bullets can travel great distances after being fired and innocent individuals could be hit causing serious injury or death. For those who call or provide information about shots being fired or any other ongoing activity that you have concerns over, I ask that you consider calling in the information to the Sheriff’s Office or our Communications Center while the incident is in progress, if this can be done safely.  You can remain anonymous if you choose to or you can identify yourself.  A deputy on duty will respond to the scene or follow up on the information you provide right away.  This type of reporting is more likely to find the event in progress and the deputy will be better able to access the situation, address any violations and possibly catch those responsible.

I encourage everyone to continue to keep providing us with this valuable information and keep this great partnership working.  As I have always said, you are our eyes and ears in your community. Dinwiddie County is a large county with over 500 square miles.  Although we try to cover all areas of the county, you may see or hear something that we do not know about. All of the community’s assistance and support is greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.