Sheriff's Corner

This past week has seen two major ice storms hit Dinwiddie County, something like we have not seen in decades. These storms caused widespread power outages, brought down numerous trees and caused havoc on the interstate and secondary roadways around the county. This brought travel to a near standstill and made it difficult to get to the stores for gas and other essentials. As of the time that I am writing this, a significant number of Dinwiddie County residents are still without power.

Fortunately, storms of this severity are not a common occurrence. Because of this incident, County leaders declared a “State of Emergency” for the county. This was an all hands on deck incident for all county first responders who worked tirelessly around the clock for several days assisting in cutting trees, fighting storm related fires, checking on those who may have been stranded in their homes without power or a means of heating their homes and directing traffic around blocked roads cluttered with storm debris. I want to thank all of our First Responders who worked through this incident and provided their service to the citizens of Dinwiddie County.

I also want to thank those who volunteered their time and resources to assist with the County’s response to this incident. Many individuals and groups worked tirelessly cutting trees and opening paths for citizens to be able get to their destinations and for First Responders to be able to get to their calls for service. I also want to thank all of the power company workers who have worked to restore power to our homes and continue to restore power to all of the citizens.

The citizens of Dinwiddie County are resilient and when adversity in the form of a natural disaster like this hits our county, the citizens pull together to help each other to make the best of a bad situation. I want to thank those who showed support for the First Responders and Power Company workers who were working around the clock. Tokens of support and appreciation were expressed by many in the form of food, bottled water, baked goods and words of encouragement for those who were working. This support was greatly appreciated and this is what makes me so proud to be a citizen of Dinwiddie County and part of such a great community.